Extendafamily Networks TRAXX Review                                                                          Media Services,is an Animal Friendly Family Group of Webcasting,audio streaming,& publications designed                          to engage the public with animal friendly                                                education & information that will entertain,educate and inform      in a manner that might otherwise be unavailable                                                                                                    We are dedicated to improving the                  ability of companion animal(s)& their companion human(s) to thrive,through a multimedia approach designed to gather information that will identify  and distinguish the under served, abused,neglected,or abandoned companion animal(s) not limited to criminal acts against companion animals,as well as abusive or neglect directed towards     companion animals.                                                                                                             As well as offering features that highlight responsible                                                                                             companion humans and their companion animal

Celebrating the Possibilities for Better Living Companion Animals & their Human Family