11. September 2017
The Hurricane force of Harvey & Irma have subsided but the aftermath remains for displaced evacuees
24. July 2017
Each of us if we could would love to be able to avoid the major challenges that change the very core of our lifestyle, if you find yourself overwhelmed let us help you find solutions within your unique qualities turn your challenges into new opportunities for YOU & for those who depend on you
16. July 2017
The Health of our fellow Americans ~ Should not be a Democratic Issue or a Republican Issue It should not be an issue that divides us every American deserves Comprehensive,Affordable Health Care
11. July 2017
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07. July 2017
OX was surrendered this time last year because his family believed he couldn't be trusted Since then he was adopted by a family to which he has become an invaluable member ~ before you give up YOUR Companion Animal~ never be afraid to ask for help
21. June 2017
need a special place that is equipped to meet their needs Whether through sheer neglect or not really understanding No Companion Animal deserves to live in an environment that does not allow them to thrive
05. June 2017
Will You simply sit on Your hands & complain ~or will YOU join the shield to protect and serve Companion Animals? Anyone anywhere can Observe,Gather Information,and report suspected abuse or neglect Our tip line provides a confidential way to report abuse & neglect ~ It will also help us identify the responsible Guardians who need help caring for their Companion Animal Will YOU join us Giving every Companion Animal & their Responsible Families a Voice?
23. May 2017
You & I Might Choose to Give Blood ,but do we have the right to make those choices for one group of companion animals even if it could save the life of others?
09. May 2017
Accomplishing Permanency is Paramount in the well being of a dog Reunification with their Pack is vital,if you accept a dog into YOUR Home YOU become more then their family YOU become leader of their Pack